The Hupnos Sleep Mask

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Snore Detection

Our app detects snoring and records it for you. You can see and hear all snoring through the night.  Then take steps to fix it!


Premium microfiber face mask with easily adjustable rear head strap.

Sleep Position Optimization

Our mask knows your position through the night. You’ll get a gentle buzz if you are snoring while on your back. Tiny vibrations cue you to roll over without fully waking.

Respiratory Airway Dilation

Our patent-pending mask will increase your expiration pressure, which opens your airways, so you breathe quietly, WITHOUT SNORING.

Portable & Easy to Clean

Take it with you wherever you sleep. The detachable face mask is machine-washable. The removable silicone nose piece can be washed in the sink with gentle soap.

Return Policy

We know you’ll love the Hupnos sleep mask as much as we do. However, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, just contact us at within 30 days of receiving your mask in the mail and we’ll issue a refund of the purchase price.

How to get the best fit with your mask?

The nose cushion should be snug around your nostrils, yet comfortable enough to wear all night.  Everyone is different so we recommend you spend some time to get the right fit for you.

How it works

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