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Track Your Sleep for Free

With the Hupnos App you can track your sleep and monitor your sleep for snoring. See how effective your current snoring remedy is working by taking the Hupnos Sleep Challenge.

Learn more about the Hupnos Sleep Tracking App
Learn more about the Hupnos Sleep Tracking App

A perfect companion for your snore free sleep

Connect your snore detecting mask with your smartphone easily

Hupnos app supports and suits all age ranges

Get real time data on your snoring patterns based on multiple factors

Hupnos Sleep Mask:
Perfect sleep for both of you

Hupnos is a sleep mask and iPhone application that reduces snoring. Hupnos monitors your position and listens for snoring. Depending on your preferences, Hupnos will gently vibrate so you move positions or will change your exhalation pressure so you stop snoring. Analyze and track your sleep results and find which factors hurt and which remedies help you to sleep perfectly.

Learn more about the Hupnos Sleep Mask
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Snore Detection

Our free app detects snoring, and records it for you. You can see how Hupnos helped stop the snoring.

Position Detection

The Hupnos mask will give the snorer a gentle buzz if they are snoring while on their back. Tiny vibrations cue them to roll over without fully waking anyone.

Pressure Control

Our patent-pending mask will increase your expiration pressure, which opens your airways, so you breathe quietly, without snoring.