Is there a snorer in your bedroom?
Hupnos detects, tracks, and eliminates snoring
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Hupnos Sleep Mask:
Perfect sleep for both of you

Hupnos is an intelligent sleep mask that analyzes your snoring habits and takes gentle steps to fix it. All you have to do is wear it at night and whenever the mask detects that you’re snoring, it will send your body tiny vibrational cues to change positions and open your airways.

Learn more about the Hupnos Sleep Mask

Hupnos combines a self-learning sleep mask with an iOS and Android app to analyze your snoring patterns and take gentle steps to correct it.

A perfect companion for your snore free sleep

Connect your snore detecting mask with your smartphone easily

Hupnos app supports and suits all age ranges

Get real time data on your snoring patterns based on multiple factors

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Snore Detection

Our free app detects snoring, and records it for you. You can see how Hupnos helped stop the snoring.

Position Detection

The Hupnos App sends gentle vibrations to the Hupnos sleep mask when it detects you are snoring and on your back. These gentle vibrations cue you to roll over without fully waking.

Pressure Control

Our patent-pending mask will increase your expiration pressure, which opens your airways, so you breathe quietly, without snoring.